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          Thermionics Ion Pumps

          50 l/sec Ion Pumps

          30 Years Experience in Ion Pump Development and Manufacturing
          ■ Most complete line of ion pumps, power supplies and accessories
          ■ Fastest, most reliable ion pumps available
          ■ Thermionics ion pumps are 100% compatible with your existing Agilent (Varian) or
              Gamma (Perkin-Elmer) power supply.

          ■ 0.2 l/sec to 1,000 l/sec

          ■ Diode configurations
              Standard       (IP Series)
              Noble (D-I)    (NP Series)
              Hydrogen      (HP Series)
          ■ Triode configurations
              Standard        (TP Series)
          ■ Combo-Vac Pumps,
              Combining a Noble (D-I) ion pump, Titanium sublimation pump (TSP), and Cryo-shroud

          Each pump is:
          ■ Able to provide continuous and contaminant free pumping
          ■ Reliable from 1 micron to 2 x 10e-11 Torr (measured)
          ■ Free from backstreaming
          ■ Bakeable to 300°C assembled
          ■ Bakeable to 450°C magnets removed
          ■ Able to act as its own vacuum gauge 
          ■ All pumps are manufactured to exacting UHV standards
          ■ Pump bodies, flanges and element anodes are made of 304 stainless steel
          ■ Double re-entrant electrical insulators are made of highquality aluminum oxide, with sputter shields
          ■ Pump magnets are high-strength ferrites
          Choosing the Right Pump for Your Application
          ■ As a full line vacuum manufacturer, Thermionics can provide the best pump for your job without reservation or bias
          ■ We manufacture a full range of ion pumps
          ■ Thermionics will custom design pumps for a specific application
          Service and Parts
          We service, repair, and supply replacement parts for all pumps including: Thermionics, Agilent (Varian), Gamma (Perkin-Elmer), Ultek, Ion Equipment, Hughes, Ulvac, Anelva, etc.
          We rebuild and repair all sizes and manufacturers of ion pumps, elements, and power supplies. Please refer to the back page for further information.
          Power Supplies, Cables
          We offer five power supply models, from a portable, batterypowered supply to a large, reliable 1.0 A output power supply capable of starting and operating a 1,000 l/s ion pump. See back page for full power supply line. We sell replacement cables for Agilent (Varian) and Gamma (Perkin-Elmer) power supplies.
          Appendage Pumps

          Appendage pumps
          ■ 0.2 l/sec, 2 l/sec, and 8 l/sec sizes

          ■ Pumps are either vacuum processed and pinched off (after 400°C+ bake out) or shipped
              in up-to-air configuration
          ■ Inlet ports are 3/8”, 3/4” O.D. copper or SS tubes; 1.33” mini or 2.75” O.D. ConFlat type
          ■ High-voltage feedthroughs are Thermionics, Perkin-Elmer (Alberox type), Varian style or 
              standard BNC type connectors
          ■ All pumps are tested for vacuum integrity and excessive electrical leakage current
          Custom Design ion Pumps

          To meet your special application requirements, any of our pumps can be built in a custom configuration. All of the pumps are manufactured in the USA. Prefab pump subassemblies are kept in stock. We can modify them, process, and ship your custom pump in two weeks or less.

          In-Line, Tube Type Ion Pump, Straight Through, 150 l/sec, Line of Sight Ion Pump
          This unusual ion pump illustrates Thermionics’ ability to meet special needs. In this case, the need was for pumping on either side of the magnetic deflection sector of an ultra-high vacuum mass spectrometer. Either of the large ports or the small ports can be attached to the system, providing good conductance and a savings in the cost of fittings. This pump allows line-of-sight conductance for X-ray beams, laser beams, and highenergy particle beams. Because of the small magnetic fringing field, it is not recommended for low-energy particle beams.
          Length     321/4”            Large flange    8” O.D., 4.5” I.D.
          Height      163/4”            Small flange    6” O.D., 2.5” I.D.
          Diode Pumps

          20 l/sec Ion Pump

          We manufacture three configurations of diode pumps: standard, hydrogen and noble (D-I) types. For theory of operation, selection criteria, pumping speed curves and alternative configuration options (e.g., double-ended pumps) see Thermionics main catalog or contact a Thermionics sales engineer.

          Diode Speed
          ( l/sec )
          Model No.
          Model No.
          Noble (D-I)
          Model No.
          11 IP-011 HP-011 NP-011
          20 IP-020 HP-020 NP-020
          25 IP-025 HP-025 NP-025
          50 IP-050 HP-050 NP-050
          100 IP-100 HP-100 NP-100
          140 IP-140 HP-140 NP-140
          150 IP-150 HP-150 NP-150
          200 IP-200 HP-200 NP-200
          270 IP-270 HP-270 NP-270
          400 IP-400 HP-400 NP-400
          500 IP-500 HP-500 NP-500
          1000 IP-1000 HP-1000 NP-1000
          Triode Pumps
          Triode pumps have the highest speeds for pumping noble gases. The cathode design consists of multiple strips of titanium held at a negative high voltage. For theory of operation, selection criteria, pumping speed curves and alternative configurations (e.g. double-ended pumps) see Thermionics’ main catalog or contact a Thermionics sales engineer.

          Speed ( l/sec ) Model No.
          20 TP-020
          30 TP-030
          60 TP-060
          110 TP-110
          220 TP-220
          400 TP-400
          800 TP-800
          Combo-Vac Pumps

          Thermionics Combo-Vac pumps combine a noble diode (D-I) ion pump, a titanium sublimation pump (TSP), and a cryo-shroud, in a single package. This combination provides ideal UHV pumping characteristics for the processing of high power vacuum tubes, x-ray sources, etc. Prices for Combo-Vac pumps include power supplies and cables for the ion pump and TSP.

          Nom. Speed l/sec Shroud
          N2 Air Coolant Model No.
          500+ 30/60 Water COV-500
          1000 120 LN2 COV-750
          1000 220 LN2 COV-1000
          2000 400 LN2 COV-2000
          Ion Pump Control Units and Cables

          Thermionics’ ion pump control units provide matched power and control for all the pumps listed in this brochure. When ordering, please specify diode or triode operation. Control units for triode pumps have the suffix “N” added to their model number.

          ■ Reliable—proven design
          ■ Includes high voltage cable
          ■ Recorder output
          The table below indicates the range of controller sizes recommended for various pump sizes. For more specific application information, please contact the factory.

          * Includes HV cable


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