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          XT100, XT200, XT300 Residual Gas Analyzer Includes built-in ion and pirani gauges
          The XT residual gas analyzer (RGA) from Extorr offers exceptional performance and value.
          These RGAs provide a more detailed vacuum gas analysis than is offered by any other single
          competitive device. Each system comes complete with a multi-gauged quadrupole probe, a
          control and communications unit (CCU), and a real-time Windows? software package.


          Residual Gas Analyzer with Integrated Pirani and Ion Gauge
          100, 200 and 300 amu systems
          Faraday Detector with optional Electron Multiplier
          Real-time Windows? software capable of Multi-head operation
          Field Replaceable Dual Thoriated Iridium Filaments
          Better than 1 amu resolution
          8 orders of magnitude dynamic range in a single scan
          Mass spectra, leak detection and pressure vs. time modes
          Built in Diagnostics, Easily upgradeable Software and Firmware
          Fully Insertable Probe
          Technical Specification
          Mass range
          XT100, XT100M
          1 to 100 amu
          XT200, XT200M
          1 to 200 amu
          XT300, XT300M
          1 to 300 amu
          Mass filter type
          Greater than 1 amu @ 10% peak height, adjustable
          Operating pressure
          Atmosphere to UHV ( ion gauge operation below 10-2 torr, RGA
          operation below 10-3 torr and Multiplier operation below 10-6 torr)
          Partial Pressure Detector type
          Faraday cup
          Partial Pressure Sensitivity (A/Torr)
          5x10-4 into Faraday cup. Measured with N2 @ 28 amu with 1 amu
          full peak width, 10% height, 70 eV electron energy, 6 eV ion energy
          and 2 mA electron emission current.
          Minimum detectable partial pressure
          5x10-14 torr with Multiplier. Measured with N2 @ 28 amu with 1 amu
          full peak width, 10% height, 70 eV electron energy, 6 eV ion energy,
          and 2 mA electron emission current. 10-11 torr with Faraday cup.
          Total Pressure Detector type  >10-3 Torr
          Pirani type, (measures heat loss from noble metal wire)
          Total Pressure Detector type  <10-3 Torr
          Bayard/Alpert type ion gauge, x-ray limit 10-9
          CCU Max. operating temperature
          CCU temperature sensor
          solid state sensor in CCU, temperature continuously monitored
          and displayed
          Bakeout temperature
          350°C (without CCU)
          Probe operating temperature
          100°C,  Platinum RTD on probe, temperature continuously
          monitored and displayed
          Ionizer Design
          Open ion source , electron impact ionization.
          Probe Materials
          SS304, Kovar, Tungsten, Alumina, Iridium, Copper, Nickel
          Dual Thoriated Iridium with firmware protection.
          Built-in 1 to 30 W ramp-up.
          Electron energy
          10 to 150 V, continuously programmable
          Ion energy
          3 to 10 V, continuously programmable
          Electron emission current
          0.1 to 5 mA, continuously programmable
          Probe mounting
          Minimum tube I.D. 1.375"  flange 2.75" CF
          CCU dimensions
          3.3" x 4.8"x 7.5". Easily separated from the probe for bakeout
          Mass stability
          ±0.1 amu after 30 minutes warmup.
          Computer interface
          RS-232C, 9600 - 115,200 Baud
          Windows?  2000, XP based application.
          Power requirement
          24 VDC @ 2.1 Amps. Standard 120 VAC adapter supplied.
          5 lbs.


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