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          VE-160 PVD Coating System ( e-Gun electron beam evaporation / Sputtering / Resistive deposition )
          This thin film tool has a wide range of uses, including solar, optical, battery, fuel cell, semiconductor, and nanotechnology applications. It is ideal for laboratories, university instruction, research & development, prototyping, and production. With a small footprint, it is compatible with cleanroom operation and maintenance.

          Multiple sources all available in the same chamber:
               ?  e-Gun electron beam evaporation  ?  Sputtering  ?  Resistive deposition
          Sources and utilities mounted on a single flange for simple swap and maintenance.
          Source-to-substrate distance up to 24”, ideal for high-uniformity and liftoff processes.
          PC Control System
          Less than 15 minutes from atmosphere to process pressure of 10e-6 Torr.
          Modular, expandable design with choice of “standard options.”
          Easy access through 20” X 19” door to large 16” X 16” X 35” work space.

          Deposition sources  ? 3 kW, 6 kW, and/or 10 kW e-Gun evaporation sources
           ? DC and RF sputtering sources up to 10kW available
           ? 1kVA and 2kVA dual resistive evaporation sources available
          Source Mounting e-Gun and sputtering sources and utilities are mounted on a single flange for quick change or replacement. Resistive evaporation sources can be mounted on either of two levels of ports provided.
          Chamber work space 16” X 16” X 35”
          Substrate flange ISO quick access
          Vacuum process chamber 304 stainless steel, “D” style chamber with hinged front door.
          Cycle time Less than 15 minutes from atmosphere to process pressure of 10e-6 Torr
          Ports Spare ports for installation of all standard options
          Electrical 220 VAC 3-phase or 400 VAC 3-phase
          Water 1.5 gpm to 3 gpm, depending on source selection. Water flow is factory interlocked for proper flow rate.
          Air 60 psi air supply
          Finish Cleanroom compatible paint finish
          Dimensions Overall dimensions 24”L X 44”W X 68.5”H (61cm L X 112 cm W X 174 cm H)
          VE-90 Resistive Vacuum Coating System
          The VE-90 is an economical system ideally suited to resistive coating applications. Its straightforward controls and rapid cycle time enhance productivity. Reliable coating chores are accomplished in a high vacuum environment that is available in about ten minutes from atmosphere with the touch of a single button.

          Evaporation System  ? 1 kVA resistive evaporation source
           ? 2 switch-selectable pairs of baseplate feedthroughs
           ? Digital ammeter readout
          Pressure Instrumentation  ? Digital ionization gauge
           ? Digital Convectron gauge
          Vacuum System  ? 12” x 12” Pyrex bell jar
           ? Dual-stage mechanical pump
           ? Turbomolecular pump
           ? Automatic pumpdown with source interlocks
          Utilities 115/220 VAC at 20 A
          Physical Specifications  ? Tubular steel frame with casters and side panels
           ? 30” L x 20” W x 42” H
           ? Approx. 250 lbs.
          Options  ? 2 kVA resistive evaporation package
           ? Substrate fixture
           ? Substrate shutter
           ? Thickness monitor


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